Turkey Bone Soup

On the day after Thanksgiving, I took the time to make “Turkey Bone Soup,” which is basically, stewing the bones from the turkey and making stock. I have done this many times when I have enough time to do the long process of separating the bones and other inedible parts from what will go into the actual soup, the meat. It is amazing how much unfound meat is hiding in those bones; this process makes a tasty soup that most everyone in my family likes.

In this process, it takes time and care to make sure that there are no little bones mixed in with the turkey meat or the soup. Trust is placed in a cook to be careful in all ways while preparing food; everyone assumes that if you serve supper, that meal will be healthy and safe. I may be overly cautious, but I really want to have confidence that everyone can just eat the soup without worries, so I put in the extra time to check each little piece! I guess that qualifies as kindness!

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