Today is Thanksgiving. Appropriately, we focus our attention on the many blessings that we have in our lives. We are truly grateful for our families and all the many privileges that are afforded to us. Like the pilgrims before us, we often use this as a day to give thanks to God for life and the chance to live in a free country. We live in a prosperous country compared to most of the rest of the world. There is a lot to be thankful for on this and every day.

Today, it seemed to me, that it would also be an important thing to say “Thank you,” to all those people who do kind things to me all day. I tried to thank people all day for doing things to help me and to prepare the meal or get the house ready for it. I also tried to say, “I’m sorry,” when necessary, for example, when I overreacted about something, felt cross and said something dumb out loud that I shouldn’t have, and other such things. All in all, I think it was a good thing to help people know that I appreciated their kindness to me. I guess that is kind, too.

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