So, the weather has finally become what we lovingly call, “Cold,” here in Minnesota. Enough said about that—other than saying that any task needing fingers and hands gets more difficult when you have to remove your mitts and gloves to do it.

No matter what the temperature, some people are outside without gloves and warm stuff—maybe they are just “running out for a few minutes” and don’t think they need gloves. The most common type of people in this category are high-school-aged boys, but really, the description could fit anyone, even me, sometimes.

One thing I do know is that if you are outside in the cold without your mittens, you usually remember next time to wear them. But, sometimes, people don’t actually have mittens or good winter garb. So, when the first thought of getting out your warm gear comes to mind, check through your unneeded stuff and see what to pass along to others who are less fortunate. How many of us store good coats all winter long at the back of a closet, which we barely open all year?

My husband did a kind thing today while we were rushing through the cold wind to run an errand in downtown St. Paul: A woman who didn’t speak much English was trying to figure out how to put money in the new computerized parking meters and she asked if we could tell her how to use it. My husband had to take off his gloves in the cold to get it done, a process that took longer because he had to ask her questions and get her answers. My eyelashes felt like they had started to freeze, actually, so it shows how taking off your gloves and exposing bare flesh might get harsh in the winter.

However, everyone needs such help from time to time. Think snow drifts, jumper cables, power outages.

Ok, well, don’t think about it. Brrrr.


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