Wouldn’t you really rather have a…chance to help someone?

Today, for the “Try Kindness” challenge, I offered to give a coworker a ride back to work. I was at Starbucks near my work to get myself a coffee and she was there, too. My car has almost 300,000 miles and has been totaled and although it still plugs in there, it’s almost what you would call a “junker” if you were inclined to call it something—it has gotten pretty rusty on the outside, so I don’t exactly think of it as a show piece, so I guess you could say I had to swallow my pride a bit to ask. She didn’t need a ride, but helping someone doesn’t depend on you having the nicest tools to do the helping.

Don’t let your feelings of pride in material things—or your feelings about the lack of them—keep you from showing kindness to those who might need help.  #TryKindness2016

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